Episode 2 – DELAYED

Alright, y’all. I’m willing to cop to something. Brace yourselves. Are you braced? Ok. I’m assuming you are. So…..I’m basically a technology infant. For real. And as a tech infant I believe that my computer (specifically I’m looking at you, flipping Audacity) wants to destroy all that is good and pure. Why? Because IT ATE MY EPISODE! I had one of my favorite people in the whole world over to record light and bright conversation about summer stuff and when I went to open the file, IT WAS GONE! If ever there were a moment for internet Caps Lock screaming, it’s now. That means that my second episode will be delayed a few days. Like specifically until Tuesday at the latest. But it will be there. Re-record is going to happen Monday. But yeah. Wish us luck.
Also, please keep following and listening because I have a fun giveaway planned to celebrate the end of one month of podcastery!


Episode 1: On Community

Y’allllllll – we did it!! The first episode is up wherever you listen to these things. In this episode I chat with my good friend (and actual neighbor – though we were friends well before we became neighbors), Marla Schmitz. Marla has a lovely voice and a wonderful perspective about life and the Church and community and the challenges of family life.

I want to give a huge shout-out to my amazing husband Mark who did all of the editing and mixing for the episode. This wouldn’t have happened without him.

You can also find it here:

And tune in for next week’s episode!

The construction and insanity never ends.

Mark and I like a project. Scratch that, we dislike idleness. So we start projects. Hence I am beginning a podcast. Actually, that didn’t come from idleness, it feels more inspired than that. But back to projects…
A couple of weeks ago we decided to tweak our home layout to provide us with a dedicated office space(/podcast recording studio/place for Mark to record his inline classes/library/retreat). This sounds as simple as moving furniture, but, as with all home junk, it’s more complicated. So we (read: Mark) are installing an interior door, kinda from scratch. And if you’ve never done this in an existing house, it’s just the biggest pain in the petuschka. Seriously. But we are excited about the idea of a little privacy for the parents’ work and that my girls will have the benefit of a giant room for their “stuff.” Progress isn’t linear. It’s layered. It’s several steps and an opening. Just like life, man.