Hi there! You found us. How’d that happen? I guess you’re just interested in incredible content from the Best Podcast in Catholic Mom Media. I even got that award that I just made up.

The host, Shanna Steinbach, is a mother of three small kids – one big kid of the male variety and a couple of smaller female type kiddos. We all live with their amazing Daddy in the suburbs of Austin. All of the things that you’ve heard about Austin are both completely true and astoundingly false.

A few years ago Shanna felt a lil’ whisper (my rap group name) telling her that starting a moms’ group for people who also have little people to care for at her parish would be a good idea. At this point an awesomely sweet community has coalesced and I wanted to share the amazingness of the these women and our lives with the world.

You don’t have to be the Most, the Best, the Only. In fact, being Alone is a sure way to burn out. But when you approach the world with your people, your Church, you can become the person who sees God all around and responds to His Presence. Living fully in the Ordinary Times is the Way, the Way of the Little Flower, the Way of Truth. Join us as we live this path.