Episode 2 – DELAYED

Alright, y’all. I’m willing to cop to something. Brace yourselves. Are you braced? Ok. I’m assuming you are. So…..I’m basically a technology infant. For real. And as a tech infant I believe that my computer (specifically I’m looking at you, flipping Audacity) wants to destroy all that is good and pure. Why? Because IT ATE MY EPISODE! I had one of my favorite people in the whole world over to record light and bright conversation about summer stuff and when I went to open the file, IT WAS GONE! If ever there were a moment for internet Caps Lock screaming, it’s now. That means that my second episode will be delayed a few days. Like specifically until Tuesday at the latest. But it will be there. Re-record is going to happen Monday. But yeah. Wish us luck.
Also, please keep following and listening because I have a fun giveaway planned to celebrate the end of one month of podcastery!